Sam Johnston - Senior Software Engineer

Sam Johnston

Senior Software Engineer
AWS, NodeJS, React


Here is a collection of public facing projects that I have worked on recently, feel free to fork or clone them yourself.

Dynamic Image Generator - javascript

Dynamic Image Generator

Express and canvas server that creates dynamic images from query strings. Great for dynamic content and personalised images for websites or email newsletters.

TeamSpeak Server - cloudformation

TeamSpeak Server

Automated TeamSpeak 3 server installation which runs using AWS EC2 within the free tier.

Valheim Game Server - cloudformation

Valheim Game Server

Automated Valheim dedicated server installation which spins up a AWS EC2 t2.medium instance running red hat based OS. (Amazon Linux/CentOS). Installs and starts your server automatically using LinuxGSM and sets up some email alerts for when the server is updated or down. Can also backup game world files to S3.

CobboldLocksmiths - javascript


Next JS static export website for a local locksmith company, hosted using AWS S3 and AWS Cloudfront CDN. Automated CI/CD pipeline using CircleCI