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Sam Johnston

I design and code responsive websites and emails, specialising in interactive email and CRM workflow optimisation.

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Beginners Guide: How to code responsive HTML emails [Part 2]

Following on from Part 1, I’ll talk about designing for email and email best practises. There are three main types of emails; transactional, marketing and trigger, all of these serve different purposes but should follow

Beginners Guide: How to code responsive HTML emails [Part 1]

A friend of mine recently accepted a job offer as a digital designer and as part of his new job he’d be responsible for coding responsive HTML emails. His previous jobs were mainly in print design so he asked me to give

Build a static website with in 24 hours

I was recently featured on an EmailonAcid tutorial which was an exciting few days to say the least. The one problem I noticed though was that my website was not up to scratch. It couldn’t handle the traffic and was gener

Outlook: Page Break Fixes (Spacing issues)

We all know that the Outlook desktop client can be a real pain to code for. As I’ve moved into coding more and more interactive, kinetic emails I consistently find that it’s Outlook that I have to go back to and apply f

Carousel in Email - The Checkbox Method

As a huge improvement on my last post, CSS Overflow in Email, I’d like to show you something that works really well and is already more than just an experiment. Taking inspiration from the B&Q email that went out ov

An experiment with CSS Overflow in Email

By using the CSS Overflow property we are able to create a image carousel that works in the majority of email clients and plays nicely in clients without support. This could be a better path if you are considering a hor